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EPG: The fat alternative that makes food better

Is it too good to be true?

Today’s consumer demand for healthier foods that taste delicious creates a huge opportunity for food manufacturers. At the same time, developing new products or reformulating existing ones to be healthier can be risky, as the tradeoffs often lead to consumer dissatisfaction.

So how can you achieve the perfect balance between better-for-you and enjoyable to eat in order to protect your brand and retain consumer loyalty? With ingredients that don’t require tradeoffs. EPG is a groundbreaking fat alternative with proven efficacy and safety that delivers on both taste and nutritional improvement to make foods better. While that may sound too good to be true, formulating with EPG is a smart business move for manufacturers with a better-food agenda. Read on to learn how.

Never underestimate the power of science

To help solve the many challenges of manufacturing better food that’s enjoyable to eat, Epogee® created EPG, a modified plant-based oil. Thirty years in the making, EPG is the only fat alternative available that:

  • Retains, or enhances, the organoleptic properties that make food delicious
    • Mouthfeel
    • Lubricity
    • Satiety
    • Texture
  • Reduces total fat, saturated fat and fat calories by 92% for each unit of fat replaced

How it is made

EPG is made using naturally sourced, plant-based oil and a proprietary, revolutionary technology:

  1. The oil is split into its main components: glycerin and fatty acids
  2. A food-grade propoxyl connector is added
  3. The fatty acids and glycerin are re-linked

How it works

The propoxyl link in the middle resists digestive enzyme action in the body, which inhibits caloric release through the key part of digestion.

Proof positive

EPG’s effectiveness—and safety—in your formulation is assured. How? EPG is fully vetted with a comprehensive, rigorous program of food applications and safety research, and is backed by one of the strongest databases ever developed for a food ingredient.

Proven effective

EPG is proven to drastically cut calories and absorbable fat, through:

  • 65 studies including in-vitro, preclinical and clinical trials
  • Seven journal articles published by qualified third-party experts

It does not impede the body’s ability to absorb vitamins, minerals and other fat-soluble substances including medications.

Exceptionally safe

EPG has FDA GRAS status in multiple categories and is further proven:

  • Safe even when consumed up to 150 grams
  • Noncarcinogenic
  • Safe for expectant mothers and their infants, with no adverse
    reproductive or developmental effects
  • Non-sensitizing and non-irritating
  • Environmentally friendly

Worry-free EPG

Rest assured, this groundbreaking ingredient is a fat alternative for the times. EPG differs from Olestra (the failed fat substitute of the 90s) in virtually every way. Perhaps most importantly, EPG causes NO gastrointestinal distress, as proven in 22.5 million servings—and counting!

Proven in the market

Nothing tastes as sweet as success, and our customers are experiencing their fair share of head-turning results with innovative better-for-you products across a variety of applications. From the low-calorie ice cream category dominance of N!ck’s to low-calorie chocolate market-leader Gatsby Chocolate to the massive popularity of OWN Your Hunger’s low-fat/low-calorie nut butters, EPG customers are making an impact on the market and their bottom lines.

Find out more about how EPG can help you formulate products that deliver on what consumers want—healthy AND tasty foods.

Like you, we know that better food is good for business. We love nothing more than partnering with food innovators like you to help achieve your goals. Email our CCO, Jayme Caruso, for a personal consultation or contact us here.