INDIANAPOLIS, IN, October 20, 2022—Epogee® LLC, maker of EPG—the category-defining ingredient that eliminates most calories from fat— announces its plant-based fat alternative has removed over 3 billion calories, in just four years, from the US food chain. EPG helps food manufacturers formulate better-for-you foods without sacrificing taste or texture, and without causing adverse side effects, across a variety of categories, including plant-based meats, chocolate confections, nut butters, salty and savory snacks, and baked goods. Products containing EPG will be featured at Supply Side West 2022 in Las Vegas, Nov. 2 and 3, in booth 1959, in the Food Ingredients North America section.

EPG is a modified plant-based oil and is the only fat alternative available that can cut up to 92% of calories from fat for each unit of fat replaced, with no digestive side effects. Its presence is growing with over 32 million servings to date, starting with just a handful of customers in 2019 to numerous product launches coming in 2023, according to David Rowe, founder, and president.

“We are excited by the rapid growth both Epogee and our customers are experiencing. In just two years, for example, N!CK’S Swedish-style Light Ice Cream™ has gone from entering the market to performing as the third best-selling better-for-you pint ice cream,” said Rowe. “This growth is attributed to EPG's ability to lower caloric density and saturated fat in products, without any tradeoffs when using EPG versus traditional fats or oils.”

Studies show that manufacturers and consumers are hungry for innovative solutions that greatly reduce calories and saturated fat. According to the CDC, approximately 60% of the American diet consists of processed foods. Four in ten American adults reported to have obesity, and rates are climbing nationwide, according to the State of Obesity 2022: Better Policies for a Healthier America. Epogee’s mission is to make food better with a sustainable plant-based fat alternative that fills a critical technical and commercial void.

“EPG not only serves as a fat alternative, reducing calories and saturated fat, but it actually improves the nutritional profile of many foods without compromising on taste, texture, and mouthfeel from the foods we love,” said Rowe.

In fact, the Epogee team will showcase low-calorie foods at the show, including:

∙Chocolate confections

“We’re not out to eliminate all fat. Fat is required for a healthy diet, we want to eliminate the calories that come with consuming too many fat calories,” said Rowe. “We are proud of our progress in positively impacting obesity and other health challenges by reducing the caloric footprint of our nation’s food.”

Visit Epogee at booth #1959 or learn more about EPG at https://www.epogee.com

About Epogee

Epogee fulfills the greatest unmet need in food today: dramatically reduced calories without any compromise. Today’s food innovators are formulating with EPG in a variety of applications because of its groundbreaking capability to deliver the functional benefits of traditional fats while eliminating 92% of fat calories for each unit of fat replaced. Now manufacturers can make better-for-you foods with the great taste and texture consumers expect and love. Learn more about Epogee’s fat alternative, EPG, by visiting: https://www.epogee.com, https://www.linkedin.com/company/epogee-llc/ and @EPG4BetterFood