INDIANAPOLIS, IN, October 4, 2022—Epogee® LLC, maker of EPG—the category-defining ingredient that eliminates most calories from fat—is showcasing delicious and healthy prepared foods with EPG at booth #1335 at the 2022 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE).

EPG is modified plant-based oil. It is the only fat alternative available that can cut up to 92% of calories from fat for each unit of fat replaced, with no digestive side effects. In just 4 years, products made with EPG have reduced the caloric footprint in the US alone by over 3 billion calories.

“FNCE is an exciting opportunity to meet with registered dieticians and nutritionists who are seeking new solutions to help their clients with health and nutrition challenges,” said David Rowe, founder and president. “Our fat alternative, EPG, made possible through a revolutionary food technology, is resonating with more and more companies that want to offer consumers better foods that are actually enjoyable to eat. We are looking forward to giving the RDN’s at the show a taste of products made with EPG and getting their feedback about how it can help their clients reduce calories and saturated fat in their diets.”

The Epogee team will showcase low calorie foods at the show, including:

• Chocolate Squares
• Peanut Butter Protein Bites
• Popcorn

“We are now in our fourth year of sales of EPG and growing across a variety of categories, including plant-based meats, salty and savory snacks, and baked goods. We are proud that EPG has been an ingredient in over 31.5 million servings, and counting, of foods that are healthy and tasty. Manufacturers and consumers no longer need to choose between the two. It is possible to make healthier foods that taste amazing and indulgent foods that can help RDN’s provide their clients with better options,” said Rowe.

Visit FNCE booth #1335 or learn more about EPG at https://www.epogee.com.

About Epogee

Epogee fulfills the greatest unmet need in food today: dramatically reduced calories without any compromise. Today’s food innovators are formulating with EPG in a variety of applications because of its groundbreaking capability to deliver the functional benefits of traditional fats while eliminating 92% of fat calories for each unit of fat replaced. Now manufacturers can make better-for-you foods with the great taste and texture consumers expect and love. Learn more about Epogee’s fat alternative, EPG, by visiting: https://www.epogee.com.