OWN Your Hunger Uses EPG to Cut Calories in Half

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, February 16, 2021—Epogee LLC announced that their alternative fat technology, EPG, is now being used as a key ingredient in OWN Your Hunger’s newly launched products: OWN Peanut Butter Spread and OWN Hazelnut Spread.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled that EPG is included as a key ingredient in OWN’s revolutionary new nut butter spreads,” said Tom Burrows, CEO of Epogee. “It is exciting to help our innovative customer OWN Your Hunger capture market share, with low-calorie foods consumers will want to purchase again and again. And it is also exciting for EPG to reach even more consumers who now won’t have to compromise enjoyment for calorie reduction in their favorite snacks.”

EPG helps manufacturers meet the greatest unmet need in food: incredible tasting products with dramatically fewer calories. Innovators formulate with EPG in order to create products that have a full-fat eating experience and satisfaction at a fraction of the full-fat calories. EPG can replace up to 85% of the digestible fat in a formulation, allowing the formulator to reduce labeled calories, total fat grams and saturated fat grams by 92% for each unit of fat replaced.

OWN Your Hunger is on a mission to bring foods that satisfy high-calorie cravings with the least amount of calories possible, making it easier to avoid overeating and overconsumption of calories. To keep the level of flavor and sensory experience of high-calorie foods consumers are familiar with, such as peanut butter and high-calorie hazelnut/chocolate-based spreads, OWN uses EPG as a key ingredient to keep calories from fat as low as possible while maintaining the high pleasure levels these foods are known for.

“While food developers have numerous modern options to reduce sugar with low calorie alternatives, EPG is the only safe, extensively studied, and effective solution I am aware of that can properly reduce fat content while minimizing calories and maximizing flavor,” said Ruz Safai, founder of OWN Your Hunger. “We are excited to share that our soft launch of the peanut butter spread sold out very quickly with repeat customer orders, and customers are telling us that our hazelnut spread blows away anything similar in the market.”

Consumers are nuts about snacking—in 2020, 48% of all food and beverage occasions were snacking occasions, reports Hartman Group. Always on the lookout for snacks that satisfy, consumers want snacks that fulfill a variety of wants. Above all, of course, they have to taste great—and nut butters fill that bill. Mintel reports that 33% of consumers surveyed have eaten nut butter as a snack in the past three months. Why? Nut butters are on target for the perfect snack, since consumers associate them with being:

  • healthy 29%
  • energy boosting 25%
  • nutritional 32%
  • satisfying 32%

EPG helps OWN Your Hunger keep all the organoleptic properties of full fat nut butters—great taste, texture, spreadability and mouthfeel—while significantly reducing caloric content. In addition, EPG is currently being labeled as: EPG (modified plant-based oil). In a nutshell, EPG alternative fat technology means: full flavor, with 50% total calorie reduction.

Learn more about how Epogee’s new alternative fat technology, EPG, can help you dramatically reduce calories without any compromises in your next food or beverage innovation by visiting: https://www.epogee.com.

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About Epogee
Epogee strives to improve the health of society by delivering a solution against the greatest unmet need in food: dramatically reduced calories without any compromises. Epogee’s Alternative Fat EPG is an innovative solution to an ongoing problem and is proudly made in the USA. EPG is the one and only alternative fat that can safely and dramatically lower calories without sacrificing taste, texture or appearance.